Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions in Hertford, Enfield and the Surrounding Areas

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to extend any Hertford or Enfield property is to choose the builders at A&S Building Company. Loft conversions make good use of existing room space, usually in the most hidden part of the home where residents keep much of the clutter they’ve accumulated over the years. We consider this type of space to be wasted, and scale our services around those who feel they might be outgrowing a home.

For those with growing families, loft conversions create new rooms or increase the amount of storage, through better functionality, to free up the property space they already have.

A&S Building Company has already completed many successful loft conversions in Hertford, Enfield and the surrounding Hertfordshire and North London areas. In comparison to house extensions and renovations, where the work tends to be complex, conversions usually require moderate building work and, in many cases, will not require planning permission.

Prospective customers can view examples of previous loft conversions on our Gallery page.

Loft Conversions | The Process

While no two loft conversions are exactly the same, most follow a similar pattern. It’s important to know exactly what’s happening at your Hertford or Enfield property when a team of builders arrives. While the conversion process needs to be flexible, our company prefers it when the customer stays actively involved in the different phases of the project.

  • Loft conversions require limited access to the rest of your home. Our builders use scaffolding to access the roof area, and most of the initial work happens outside. We even pass the materials through the roof to save time and reduce inconvenience.
  • We install the structural support beams and, in the case of dormer loft conversions, our builders fit the extension. After we fit the new floor joists, the building inspector visits your Hertford or Enfield home to check the condition of the floor construction.
  • Our builders complete the internal partitioning, the noggins and the insulation. After a second visit from the building inspector, we complete the roofing rectification work, fit the new windows and create the staircase to provide access to the room.
  • We have electricians on our team who run the cabling for loft conversions to create a power supply. Our builders use plasterboard to close the partitioning before fitting the lights and plug sockets. The next stage is to lay and fix your choice of flooring.
  • The next phase of work at properties in Hertford, Enfield or the surrounding areas is connecting the plumbing and central heating. After establishing connections, our builders fit the frames and doors before adding rails and spindles to the staircase.
  • After performing our own building and fireproofing check, the building inspector comes back to your Hertford or Enfield home one last time to ensure our loft conversions comply with current Building Regulations. We rectify any final snags.
  • Upon completion, we take the customer through every aspect of our work and explain the features of their newly-converted loft. Should you require us to, A&S Building Company also takes care of the decorating work for a perfect finish.

If you would like to discuss a loft conversion for your home, please contact us on 01992 501428. We provide free site surveys and offer quotations on an obligation-free basis.

Typically, loft conversions take around 6 weeks to complete but timescales vary based on the complexity of the project and the layout of your Hertford, Enfield, Hertfordshire or North London property. While they are with you, our builders promise to minimise noise, mess, unnecessary activity and disruption. During ongoing projects, we tidy up at the end of every day, remove waste from site and leave your home in clean, habitable condition.

Call 01992 501428 to discuss loft conversions in Hertford, Enfield or the surrounding areas with our skilled team of time-served builders.

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