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For most of the domestic clients in our hometown of Hertford, their home is their single biggest investment. This is a good thing. While the market can sometimes appear volatile, property is still the safest investment to make. Unlike many investments, there are ways you can foster a property’s value to ensure if you ever come to sell in the future (or pass the property on), you can make a significant profit.

Our team of builders, electricians, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters can help, providing a range of home improvement services including house extensions, loft conversions, renovations, decorating services and plumbing services. We also work on new builds in Hertford but this page focuses solely on the type of work we can do in existing properties.

Adding Value to Your Hertford Home

Decorating – Freshening up a home by picking out problem rooms and areas to undergo professional decorating is an inexpensive but effective way of improving your Hertford property’s value. You won’t need to file for planning permission, and can have the entire process over and done with in no time at all. House hunters would rather move into a property which has recently undergone a spot of decorating, so the return on your initial investment will rely heavily on how well the job has been done.

If you want quality workmanship from a team of decorating professionals in Hertford, be sure to call A&S Building Company. Whenever we work on new builds, we also finish each project with high-end decorating work completed by our own time-served tradesmen

House Extensions – When peer-to-peer lending company, Zopa, asked its users about the cost and return of property improvements, it found that house extensions offered a return on investment of 71%. Hertford homeowners who could do with a little more space in the short term, and who may want to sell a house over the longer term, should certainly give thought to calling in our builders. House extensions can become extra bedrooms, new kitchens or lounge areas, home offices or gyms – whatever you like!

House extensions are a fantastic alternative to moving into new builds or a larger home, both altogether stressful experiences some Hertford property owners might do well to avoid.

Loft Conversions – Nationwide research suggests that loft conversions can boost property values by up to 20%. And, when the space above you is usually going to waste, it’s easy to see why loft conversions are an increasingly popular form of home improvement around Hertford. They don’t usually require planning permission and, like house extensions, can be used for all manner of purposes.

Zopa found that loft conversions cost an average of £12,600, making them a tad more affordable than house extensions.

New Bathrooms – Research, this time from HSBC, shows that a new bathroom can add £3,500 to a property’s price. However, it all depends on the size and standard of the room. Our builders and bathroom fitters can completely rework an existing bathroom within your Hertford home, or build an entirely new one from scratch (though this may require planning permission). A&S Building Company even manages the plumbing and electrical work.

Consider the style you’d like to go for, and which fixtures you’d like to include. If you have drawn inspiration from magazines or television shows, be sure to show it to our bathroom fitters so they can help make your dream bathroom a reality in your Hertford home. We can also fit bathrooms for new builds and developments in the local areas.

New Kitchen – One of the most important rooms in the house, the role of the kitchen has undergone a transformation over recent years. Once upon a time, it was strictly for the preparation of food but, with open plan living being more popular than ever before, kitchen fitters help to create attractive spaces that can be used for relaxing and unwinding, cooking, eating and even entertaining.

Calling in our kitchen fitters could add £5,000 to your Hertford home’s value, according to the aforementioned HSBC research. A&S Building Company also fits kitchens inside new builds, either independently or as a part of our professional turnkey services.

Complete Renovations – If entire sections of your property feel dated, give some thought to investing in renovations. Our team of builders, electricians and plumbing technicians carry out renovations tailored to our Hertford client’s individual requirements. It may be that you just need general decorating carried out throughout a property, or need everything from the electrical fixtures replacing, to the plastering, painting and wallpapering refreshed.

Due to the huge variation in what renovations can involve, it’s hard to get a handle on the exact amount of value they can add to a home. If your property looks like it could use some TLC, however, the subsequent spike in the resale price could be significant.

Replacing Electrics or Plumbing – While adding space or overhauling the aesthetics of your Hertford home is certainly more exciting than bringing in electricians or plumbing technicians to work on its infrastructure, ensuring that pipework and wiring are in good working order is vitally important. Should your home be getting on in years, or if it’s prone to various issues, it’s worth contacting our electricians and plumbing specialists promptly.

A Hertford property suffering from damaged plumbing or electrical wiring could take more than a hit to its value and marketability. Outdated wiring, in particular, is a potential danger that could result in shocks or fires. Damaged plumbing could result in leaks inside your Hertford property and the subsequent need for expensive restoration or repair work.

Call the builders and electricians at A&S Building Company on 01992 501428 for high-end renovations and new builds anywhere in the Hertford area.

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