House Extensions

House Extensions in Enfield, Hertford and the Surrounding Areas

An unsteady housing market is just one reason why people prefer not to move out of a property in Hertford or Enfield to live elsewhere. Some just want to stay in these areas, often because of family connections or schools. Their decisions to move or stay put ultimately depend on standards of living in an existing property. House extensions make use of available space around Hertford, Enfield, Hertfordshire and North London homes.

This isn’t to say house extensions make for an easy option, and it isn’t all about leaving a team of builders get on with the job. Who will take care of the plumbing? Where will you be able to hire electricians to create a power supply? How much will it cost to have a team of kitchen fitters in if you are looking to extend or modernise your current cooking space?

Even the plastering and decorating required careful consideration.

A&S Building Company has a portfolio of successful house extensions under its wing. Based in Hertford, we cover the surrounding Enfield, St Albans and Watford areas as time-served builders, electricians, plumbing technicians, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters. Everything you need for the design, planning and construction of house extensions is available from a single company to save you time, money and hassle on hiring multiple contractors.

1. Budget

The first thing our builders discuss with customers and clients is their budget. Knowing how much there is to spend gives us an idea as to whether we can complete house extensions to your expectations, and to a standard that complies with the Building Regulations. If you plan on using your own architect, you’ll have to make provisions for covering their fee as well.

Don’t forget that builders and architects in the Hertford and Enfield areas quote a net price, so you’ll need to include an additional 20% on top of your budget to pay for VAT.

2. Purpose

What do you wish to achieve from one our house extensions? If you plan on having a new downstairs toilet or bathroom, you’ll need to consider the plumbing work involved. New workspace for feeding the family will require the services of kitchen fitters and electricians. Once we know what it is you would like, our builders can start discussing your options.

We’ve met previous customers in Hertford, Enfield and the surrounding areas who have only had vague ideas in mind, but have managed to fulfil their expectations by listening carefully to their issues with space and recommending house extensions to resolve them.

3. Time

Even the best builders can’t make things happen overnight. House extensions take time to build and, with planning approval and inspections to consider, you may need to be patient. Once work begins, there will also be disruption to consider. All of these elements have an impact on everyday life, so it makes sense to plan your time as carefully as possible.

We’ve found that some homeowners in Hertford and Enfield fare better if we work on house extensions while they are on holiday or working away. The secret to any successful project is planning. Our builders, electricians and plumbers work with what’s best for you.

4. Location

Front, back or maybe to the side? The main limits to house extensions are available space around a property and the possibility of your local authority for Hertford, Enfield or wherever you currently live refusing planning permission. A&S Building Company helps to gain approval for house extensions, and we liaise with the relevant departments regularly.

This ensures we gain planning permission faster. If you don’t have space to spare for an addition to your home, consider one of our loft conversions instead and optimise wasted room in an attic that currently houses clutter and personal belongings you no longer need.

5. Tradesmen

No successful extension happens without the support of qualified builders, electricians, plumbing technicians and kitchen fitters, and the best are those that work as part of a single team. Our tradesmen already have years of experience working together on house extensions, conversions and renovations – a huge benefit for our local and regional clients.

We complete house extensions in Hertford, Enfield and the surrounding areas without the impact caused by other contractors who don’t understand the full project scope. This results in timelier and more professional completion without countless snags and imperfections.

Call 01992 501428 to discuss house extensions in Hertford, Enfield and the surrounding areas. We deliver the complete project management service.

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